Benefits for your company

  • State-of-the-art wireless service

    Our multi-award winning wireless service gives you all the flexibility you need to design your network and pricing models.

  • Innovative wireless portal

    Design this key touchpoint exactly the way you want it: use your branding, integrate your own content or external content, loyalty programs or third party apps to meet your specific needs.

  • Elevate your online reputation

    conn4 helps you offer your guests the perfect digital convenience so you can benefit from increased reservations, recommendations and positive reviews on social media sites.

  • All-in-one instead of individual solutions

    Manage your information, communication, entertainment and marketing solutions conveniently through a central dashboard.

  • Complex functionality, easy to use

    Launch global marketing campaigns and other pro-jects at the press of a button using your conn4 dashboard. With just a few clicks you can manipulate photos, colors or text without any programming experience.

  • Customized control

    Use an intelligent roles and permissions system to set up your dashboard. Give specific employees control of particular configurations, functions and content on certain displays in selected hotels.

  • Easy installation, great pricing

    Upgrade to a high performance carrier grade network, to enable excellent services. Let’s invest together into your business, to make the upgrade happen. If you already have the infrastructure needed, you may be able to continue using it. Contact us for free advice and a customized proposal.

  • Continuously evolving

    Guest preferences, industry requirements and technological capabilities are continuously evolving — just like conn4. For example, you can take advantage of iBeacon and mobile apps.


„Our ratings just skyrocketed!“

According to statistics and studies, wireless performance today is the most important factor in generating positive reviews on TripAdvisor and similar sites. Ever since we switched to conn4 and the included multi-award winning m3connect wireless service, we are getting excellent reviews from our guests.

„Now campaign roll-outs really work easily.“

Wireless portal, guest information systems, digital signage and unified messaging solutions bundled: conn4 unites them into one powerful marketing tool! Cloud-based and via one dashboard our team can advertise locally or roll out world-wide at the push of a button.

„Does more, costs less.“

We transferred our expensive servers and individual solutions to the cloud. conn4 gives us all the services we need from a single source and takes care of all the upkeep. And the costs are minimal: we continue using most of the existing networks, access points and displays!

You are in good company

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